Information about the event

Transcimbrica: Hamburg » Skagen and back …

Start date of the 4. edition of the „Self-Supported“ endurance ride is set for March 7, 2020 at 00:01 o’clock in front of Café Timeless Blankeneser Landstrasse 67, 22587 Hamburg.

The rules …

… as GuF didn’t say and just very simple:

  • Everyone acts and rides in his personal responsibility.
  • Traffic laws are certainly also existing in Denmark (lightning, priority rules, traffic lights, etc. …)
  • Any rider who wants to be listed in the documentation as a »Transcimbricer«, shall comply with the following voluntary code during his ride:
  • Transcimbrica is a fully self-supported ride.
  • The equipment required during the ride must be taken on the bicycle or arranged en route. The entire route must be completed under your own power.

Any kind of planned arrangements (e.g. booking of accommodation, prebooking of service appointment in bicycle shops, etc.) is forbidden. The principle of “only commercial services at commercial locations” applies. Private support is only permitted when it happens spontaneously and if it is or could be accessible to any other rider as well. To make things clear: Friends along the road may only be visited if their door is also open and available to other riders without any prearrangements.

The suggested routing is broadly mandatory. As always something goes differently on such a long distance, a full compliance with the track is not required. If your GPS fails, as happened to Max, and you ask Siri to guide you to Skagen, this is acceptable for us. If a section of the route is in really bad condition, e.g. the ground is totally soaked or something else happened to the rider, or if the rider was temporarily lacking the motivation for another section full of sand in the gearbox,  or there was a spontaneous rerouting around an area, we say that this is acceptable. If someone prepares a generally optimized track to ride it more easily/ faster or efficiently, this is not acceptable for us.

In any case we want you to send pictures from crossing the Kiel Canal (ferry Oddenbüttel as well as Grünentaler viaduct) and Limfjord( Limfjordsbroen Aalborg and Oddesundbroen Struer).

Every participant or team will document their own ride (if possible live with texts, pictures and gps tracks) on the common platforms such as Facebook, Instagram. Please provide all relevant links to your social media in advance so we can set up links to your content on our website. If live-documentation may not be possible during the ride, we ask for it in a timely manner after your return. We want the rest of the cycling world to participate also your ride and experience.

Route and weather

The route is approx. 1339 kms long and is based on Eurovelo3 and Eurovelo12, the routes Glückstadt-Flensburg and North Friesland-Hamburg are from routes. Personal experiences and reports of participants led to this fine-tuned route.

Komoot provides the following details to our route: app. 4200 metres of elevation, 68% streets, 24% cycle paths, 6% state roads, 2% roads, <1% paths, <1% access roads, <1% ferry. 81% asphalt, 19% paved, <1% unknown and <1% unpaved

Following the experiences of the 1st edition, we are certain that komoot is wrong. There is significantly more gravel and sand sections than expected. See the example:


According to the statistics weather in Jutland in not that bad in March: approx. 5 hours of sun per day and only 9 days of rain per month. Right, temperatures could certainly be a little warmer.


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