Waiting lists are stupid …

… alternatives are great!

When the registration numbers for 2019 rose in November, we were naturally thrilled that so many people want to participate in our idea. However, we also started to worry about many participants who tolerated Transcimbrica. The places in the shelters are limited, nature reserves are crossed …

Finally, we then limited the number of participants to 42 (+ x) and have since been unhappy about it. Since then we have discussed the topic again and again (quite controversially).

The date of our trip to the spring break in Hamburg, was sometimes criticized, that leaves us usually cold, because the criticism usually refers to the season. But it is also the case that others, for the same reasons as us, are bound to official school holidays and therefore can never attend the official appointment.

Therefore, we suggest to start on the 15th of June at 00.01 clock for the Transcimbrica summer edition.

In principle, everything is just like the original without hip flask :-) If you want to be there, please register here.


Information about the event

Transcimbrica: Hamburg » Skagen and back …

Start date of the 4. edition of the „Self-Supported“ endurance ride is set for March 9, 2019 at 00:01 o’clock in front of Café Timeless Blankeneser Landstrasse 67, 22587 Hamburg.



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